Nix the Tricks – AP Stats Edition


“In AP Stats, communication is essential.

Here are some thoughts and ideas to keep in mind:

A strong conclusion has linkage between a computed P-value and a defined significance level (alpha). This is the computation piece. The art of statistical writing is taking this numerical result and using it to reach a conclusion about our population.

My students write, write and write, and my boards are covered with samples, which we critique and revise. I like to randomly assign students to work together (I often use playing cards for this), so that “group think” does not set in. I want students to debate language, and I can see from afar which groups are on-point by having them on boards around my room

My document camera is also a valuable resource here. As an opener, I’ll have students examine a homework problem, and write their conclusion on an index card. Random cards are selected and critiqued.”

via Nix the Tricks – AP Stats Edition.


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