This Week’s Required Reading for Algebra Teachers!

I always know when I’m being most guilty of breaking down Algebra skills too far because I’ll hear things like, “Man, we do somethin’ new EVERY DAY.”

[No, this is completely connected to what we did yesterday, and the day before that].

If you’ve ever noticed your students have “lost” their equation solving skills because you “spent so long graphing,” you might be a skill chunker.


Mid-April, that time of year where teachers and students start to see the finish-line of the school year.  Everyone feels the burdens…state testing, class distractions, covering all the “material”….teachers have a lot on their plate.  But it’s also a great time to reflect upon the past year, work in teams to consider best-practice, and plan changes for next year.  Two intriguing blog posts by Grant Wiggins this week should be required reading for all secondary math teachers.

First, Grant Wiggins rants against courses we call algebra 1.  What could be wrong with Algebra 1?  We all took it, we all agree kids “need” it, and isn’t a proven gate-keeper to college success?

Algebra, as we teach it, is a death march through endless disconnected technical tools and tips, out of context. It would be like signing up for carpentry and spending an entire year being taught all the tools…

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