Art class at home!

hey, beth baker!

Surely you’ve heard that kids need free, unstructured play time each day. Time to use their imaginations to change building blocks into princess towers and sofas into rocketships [at least around these parts]. A few months ago it occurred to me that I’ve never extended this idea to our art projects. I saw a real opportunity to give a little control of our art creation over to Lucy. [This is like the opposite of what pinterest tells me to do.]

So I started by giving her a blank sketchbook journal and a set of colored pencils [I really, really like these.]

kid art: sketchbook

Seriously. I could not pick my favorite page if I tried. I do love that I can see some important milestones in here: she’s starting to draw people [I see eyes and legs], she makes “lists”, she draws shapes, and she can describe and recount what she drew…

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